Vol 18: Main Line Album 2007, Part 1: Tangmere

It came as quite a surprise to discover how much footage of Tangmere I amassed during the year. From triumphs like the 40th anniversary of the Southern steam and the sure-footed restart on the 1-in-80 gradient at Sherborne, to less glorious moments, such as stalling on the Paignton & Dartmouth Rly with the Torbay Express, this programme shows Tangmere’s ability to go almost anywhere and haul almost anything, week in, week out. My personal favourite is The Holiday Express: Tangmere and 6024 King Edward I double-headed a tour from Bristol to Par in Cornwall. The light was gorgeous all day, the two locomotives made a fine sight and an exciting noise, and I finally got to take a picture of a steam train crossing the Royal Albert Bridge. (1 hour 11 mins)


20th Jan VSOE Special (Victoria-Staines-Winchester-Southampton ED and return) Steventon (Hants.)

17th Feb Excursion (East Croydon-Hove-Salisbury-Bristol and return) Fareham, Romsey.

3rd July The Cathedrals Express (Victoria-Oxford-Stratford and return) Tackley, Oxford.

7th July Southern Phoenix (Victoria-East Croydon-Guildford; Woking-Basingstoke-Havant-Waterloo) Ranmore Common, Westcott, Steventon (Hants), Chalton Down.

21st July The Cathedrals Express (Taunton-Exeter-Yeovil Jc-Salisbury-Victoria) Oborne, Gomeldon.

29th Aug VSOE Special (Victoria-Westbury-Victoria) Red Post, Patney.

5th Sept The Cathedrals Express (Victoria-Salisbury-Bristol and return) Grateley, Bishopstrow, Upton Scudamore, Andover.

9th Sept The Torbay Express (Bristol-Kingswear-Bristol) Long Ashton, Beam Bridge, Combeinteignhead, Waterside, Churston, Dartmouth, Stoke Cannon.

12th Sept The Waterloo Sunrise (Waterloo-Salisbury-Yeovil Jc, Weymouth-Southampton-Waterloo) Wardour, Poole Park

29th Sept The Cathedrals Express (Victoria-Gloucester and return) Steventon (Oxon.) Baulking, Sapperton.

15th Dec The Cathedrals Express Carol Concert Special (London-Chichester) Great Brockhamhurst, Holmwood.

18th Dec The Cathedrals Express Carol Concert Special (London-Winchester and return) Ranmore Common.

20th Dec The Cathedrals Express Carol Concert Special (London-Sherborne and return) Monxton, Grateley, Tisbury, Wardour.

34067 Tangmere & 6024 King Edward I “The Odd Couple”

24th Aug The Holiday Express (Bristol-Plymouth-Par and return) Beam Bridge, Rattery, Royal Albert Bridge, Liskard, Hemerdon, Exeter St David’s.


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