Vol 23: Mainline 2008, Part 1: LMS & BR Locomotives

Featuring 8F 48151, Black 5s 45407 & 45231, 5690 Leander, 6201 Princess Elizabeth, 6233 Duchess Of Sutherland, 70013 Oliver Cromwell and BR Standard 4 76079. Includes the “15 Guinea Special” re-run.

YouTube clips
76079 Cotton Mill
15 Guinea Special

(1 hour 29 mins)


48151 Gauge O Guild (19:12)

18th Apr, The Welsh Dragon (Shrewsbury-Llandrindod-Cardiff): All Stretton; Knucklas / Heyop; Sugarloaf; Derwydd Rd; Morlais E. Jct; Stormy.

2nd Aug, The Cumbrian Coast Fellsman (Carnforth-Ravenglass and return): Arnside

7th Aug, The Scarborough Spa Express (York-Knaresborough-Leeds-York-Scarborough and return): Hessay

45407 Lancashire Fusilier & BR Standard 4 2-6-0, 76079 (14:36)

19th Apr, The Central Wales Explorer (Shrewsbury-Llandrindod-Newport): All Stetton; Heyop; Sugarloaf; Morlais E. Jct;.

26th Apr, The Heart Of Wales (Margam-Llandrindod-Crewe-Manchester): Llangyfelach; Cynghordy; Dolau–Llanbister Rd.

BR Standard 4 2-6-0, 76079 (4:56)

9th Feb, The Cotton Mill Express (Manchester-Huddersfield-Copy Pit-Blackburn-Bolton-Manchester): Diggle; Lydgate; Darwen.

6233 Duchess Of Hamilton (28:32)

1st Jun, Locomotive Exchange Special (Waterloo-Salisbury-Yeovil Jct, Castle Cary-Taunton-Exeter): Red Post Junction; Wardour; Whiteball. (See Part 4 for 60019 on the return.)

19th Jul, The Cathedrals Express (Chester-Stafford-Banbury-High Wycombe-Paddington): Madeley; King’s Sutton; Aynho.

30th Jul, The Cathedrals Express (London-E. Croydon-Guildford-Reading-Oxford and return): Ranmore Common; Culham; Radley; Abinger Hammer.

13th Aug, The Sunny South Express (Clapham Jc-Hounslow-Bournemouth-Weymouth-Winchester-Surbiton-Waterloo): Winchester

20th Aug, The Cathedrals Express (Clapham Jc-Staines-Reading-Westbury, Exeter-Westbury-Reading-Victoria): Crofton; Gant’s Mill; Pewsey.

27th Aug, The Cathedrals Express (Victoria-Richmond-Reading-Kemble-Worcester and return): Steventon Oxon; Sapperton; Wantage Rd.

6201 Princess Elizabeth (4:36)

2nd Aug, The Cumbrian Mountain Express (Liverpool-Settle-Carlisle and return): Ramsgreave & Wilpshire; Sheriff’s Brow; Break’s Hall.

1T57 15 Guinea Special, 10th August (4:05)

70013: (Manchester-Carlisle) Helwith Bridge

45231 Sherwood Forester & 45407 Lancashire Fusilier: (Carlisle-Blackburn-Liverpool) Ais Gill

5690 Leander (4:54)

27th Sep, The Cotton Mill Express (Manchester-Huddersfield-Copy Pit-Blackburn-Bolton-Manchester): Lydgate; Darwen.

45407 Lancashire Fusilier (8:13)

22nd Nov, The Cotton Mill Express (Manchester-Huddersfield-Copy Pit-Blackburn-Bolton-Manchester): Diggle; Lydgate; Whittlestone Head.

6th Dec, The Cotton Mill Express (Manchester-Bolton-Blackburn-Copy Pit-Huddersfield-Manchester): Burnley.



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