Vol 27: NRM Mainline Steam In The South

Having seen The Hero’s Return (Steam age Pictures Volume 17), about 850 Lord Nelson, the South Of England group of the Friends Of The National Railway museum asked for a disc that they could sell on NRM locomotives’ rail tours. This is the result. It covers 777 Sir Lamiel, 850 Lord Nelson and 70013 Oliver Cromwell at work on the British mainline mostly, but not entirely, in the South of England.

You might prefer to buy your copy directly from the Friends, in which case have a look at their web site.

(1 hour 31 mins)



This production is a compilation of footage published in various other Steam Age Pictures volumes:

  • 30777: Vol 19 “Main Line Album 2007, Part 2: GW, BR & SR Locomotives” and Vol 25 “Mainline Album 2008, Part 3: SR Locomotives”;
  • 850: Vol. 17 “The Hero’s Return, 850 Lord Nelson”;
  • 70013: Vol. 26 “Mainline 2008 Part 4, LNER & BR Pacific Locomotives” and Vol 31
    “70013 Oliver Cromwell, Mainline 2009”

850 Lord Nelson


7th Mar 2007, Main line test run (Carnforth-Hellifield-Preston-Carnforth): Clapham, Eldroth.

31st Mar 2007, The Trafalgar Express (Minehead-Bristol-Salisbury-Eastleigh): Cogload Junction; Upton Scudamore; Norton Bavant.

9th May 2007, The Cathedrals Express: (Victoria-Salisbury-Bristol and return): Upton Scudamore.

13th Jun 2007, The Cathedrals Express: (Victoria-Salisbury-Yeovil Jc, Weymouth-Yeovil PM-Westbury, Salisbury Tunnel Jc-Victoria): Bincombe.

23rd  Jun 2007, TheBath & Bristol (Haywards Heath-Hove-Salisbury-Bristol and return): Botley; Lockerley; Upton Scudamore; Salisbury.

27th Jun 2007, The Cathedrals Express (Victoria-Richmond-Newbury-Bristol-Swindon-Reading-Richmond-Victoria): Richmond; Dauntsey; Uffington; Wantage Rd.

8th Jul 2007, The Southern Sunset (Waterloo-Wimbledon-Salisbury-Honiton-Exeter-Bristol-Salisbury-Clapham Jc): Deane.

28th Jul 2007, The Golden Arrow (Battersea-Tonbridge-Ashford-Folkestone East, Folkestone Harbour-Folkestone East (twice), Ashford-Canterbury W-Minster-Dover-Ashford-Tonbridge-Battersea): Orpington; Folkestone; Capel Le Ferne; Sandling.

30777 Sir Lamiel


28th Oct  2007, The Cathedrals Express (Clapham Jc-Honiton-Exeter, Westbury-Salisbury-Clapham Jc): Andover.

11th Dec  2007, The Cathedrals Express Carol Concert Special (London-Salisbury and return): Egham; Winchfield; Salisbury.

11th Oct 2008, The Cathedrals Express (Waterloo-Slough-Gloucester): Uffington; Thrupp

15th Oct 2008, The Cathedrals Express (Victoria-Slough-Oxford-Stratford and return): Budbrooke; Lapworth; Bishopton; Radley.

9th & 18th Dec 2008: The Cathedrals Express (9th: Waterloo-Salisbury-Eastleigh-Winchester-Waterloo; 18th: Waterloo-Yeovil Jc): Waterloo; Byfleet & New Haw; Battledown; Tisbury; Wardour; Salisbury.

70013 Oliver Cromwell


10th Aug 2008, 15 Guinea Special (Manchester-Carlisle): HelwithBridge.

9th Sep 2008, The Cathedrals Express (Liverpool St-Ipswich-Norwich and return): Bethnal Green; Colchester.

11th Sep 2008, The Cathedrals Express (Waterloo-Staines-Salisbury-Bristol and return): Upton Scudamore; Salisbury; Andover.

14th Sep 2008, The Cathedrals Express (Waterloo-Wimbledon-Salisbury-Honiton-Exeter, Yeovil Jc-Salisbury-Wimbledon-London): Watchcombe; Yeovil Junction; Milborne Wick; Whitchurch.

28th Feb 2009, The Great Northern (Cleethorpes-Scunthorpe-Doncaster-Kings Cross): Retford; Wood Walton; King’s Cross.

1st Mar 2009, St David’s Day Special (Paddington-Swindon-Badminton- Newport and return): Rodbourne; Magor; Rumney Marshes; Didcot.

14th Mar 2009, The Golden Arrow (Waterloo-Brixton-Tonbridge-Folkestone, Folkestone Harbour-Folkestone (twice), Ashford-Canterbury-Whitstable-Waterloo): Folkestone; Reculver; Sole Street Bank.

2nd Apr 2009, The Cathedrals Express (Victoria-Staines-Swindon-Bristol -Newbury-Staines-Victoria): Uffington; Etchilhampton; New Mill, Pewsey.

13th Apr 2009, The Cathedrals Express (Victoria-Woking-Havant-Salisbury-Yeovil Jc, return via Epsom): Oborne, Petersfinger, Chalton Down.


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