Piano For Sale

I’m very happy to report that my old piano has been sold, though for a fraction of what I think it was worth, to an instrument shop in Wiltshire. I hope that the eventual owners have lots of fun playing it.

  • Made by Witton, Witton & Co, London, probably c. 1920-22.
  • Restored by Courtney Pianos, Oxford 1991. As the invoice puts it: “fully restrung & re-pinned, action & keyboard renovated, tuned to A=440 Hz (modern concert pitch) and regulated”.
  • Iron frame, 88-key (7-and-a-half octave), overstrung, under-damped upright.
  • Approx size 62″x52″x28″ / 157 x 132 x 71 cm (Note – deeper than many, so check your door sizes!)
  • Originally a pianola, alas the roll-playing mechanism is long gone.

Video on YouTube and MP3 Sound file:

Listen to

Here are some pictures:

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