4464 Bittern at over 90mph

My pal from TWR Video and I ventured into Lincolnshire yesterday to witness A4 pacific loco 4464 Bittern on the last of her three high-speed runs. It was rather a long way to go for one shot, and we lengthened the odds of getting a good one by chosing the famous stretch on Stoke Bank where Mallard set her world record. Even if she was on time, she’d pass us a good 20 minutes after sunset, and the weather forecast suggested a cloudy evening, but what the heck?! We found a good open stretch of embankment just north of Swayfield, and the cloud to the south-west looked quite broken, so we gambled on a silhouette.

For once, fortune favoured us. According to a friend on board, she reached 92 mph just around here. Here are two frame-grabs from the video. I won’t post more at the moment, because it might be included in OVP’s production, The Need For Speed, and I don’t want to steal David’s thunder.

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