Vol. 70: The Great Britain VII, Part 2

On two discs, a 9-day tour of Great Britain by steam train. The seventh running of The Great Britain visited Falmouth, the Cumbrian coast and several of the Edinburgh-Glasgow routes for the first time.

Featuring: 34046 Braunton, 5029 Nunney Castle, 46115 Scots Guardsman, 60009 Union of South Africa, 46233 Duchess of Sutherland, K1 62005, Black Fives 44932, 45407 and 44871.

Part 2: Thu 1st – Sun 4th May 2014

North of Edinburgh, the train was split in two. One half was sent to Aberdeen and Inverness and back, while the other went to Fort William and Mallaig. We have coverage of both parts. The finale was a fast run down the east coast from via Newcastle and York back to London.

YouTube clips:

Day 6 East: 60009 Union Of South Africa at Wardhouse, north of Insch.
Day 6 West: K1 62005 crossing the Avon viaduct at Linlithgow
Day 7: K1 62005 climbing away from Mallaig
Day 8 West: K1 62005 on The Horshoe Curve
Day 8 East: 60009 Union Of South Africa near Stonehaven and Carmont
Day 9: 46233 Duchess Of Sutherland at Colton Junction

Available on DVD and Blu-ray disc.

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Thu 1st, 60009 Union Of South Africa, Edinburgh – Aberdeen – Inverness
Forth Bridge; Above Markinch (2 locations); Redcastle & Lunan Bay (2 locations); Insch to Wardhouse (2 locations); Huntley station; leaving Keith; Boat O’ Brigg; Elgin; Moss-Side, nr Nairn (2 locations).

Thu 1st, 62005, Edinburgh – Linlithgow – Fort William
Linlithgow; Crianlarich; Loch Tulla.

Fri 2nd, 62005, Fort William – Mallaig – Fort William
Polnish; Mallaig; Glasnacardoch Bay, leaving Mallaig (2 locations); Kinloid; Loch Eilt (2 locations); Banavie (2 locations); Lochyside.

Sat 3rd, 62005, Fort William – Shotts – Edinburgh
Horseshoe Curve; Crianlarich; Shotts.

Sat 3rd, 60009 Union Of South Africa, Inverness – Aberdeen – Edinburgh
Tillytarmont; Gartley; north of Stonehaven; Carmont; Newburgh (2 locations); Forth Bridge (2 locations).

Sun 4th, 60009 Union Of South Africa, Edinburgh – York
Grantshouse; Prenderguest; Ayton; Tweedmouth; Scremerston (2 locations); Ferryhill; Bradbury Carrs.

Sun 4th, 46233 Duchess of Sutherland, York – London
Colton Jn (2 locations); Wharfe viaduct; Retford (2 locations).



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