Miss Corinne Henman

Schottische. Composed in Feb 2007 for my friend Corinne to play on her violin. She wanted something that would use the bottom string. The alternative version was produced for her violin teacher, Felicity, to play on her bagpipes, which don’t go so low.

I like to play this tune in a set of three, starting with Abingdon Bridge, then Last Posting Day, and finishing with this one.

(I saved my copy of the original version in Noteworthy Composer 2.75 format, so can’t create an ABC file from it using EasyABC. Does anyone know of an NWC 2, or nwctxt, to ABC converter?)


T:Miss Corinne Henman (Bagpipe version)
Z:Mark Fry
Z:Copyright © 2007 Mark Fry
Z:All Rights Reserved
I:linebreak $
D2 G2 F2 GA | B2 d2 c2 Bc | d2 G2 G2 B2 | AGFE D4 | D2 G2 F2 GA | B2 d2 c2 Bc | d2 B2 cBAB |1
G6 GE :|2 G6 GF |: E2 B2 B3 c | BAGF E2 FE | D2 A2 A3 B | AGFG A2 FE | D2 G2 F2 A2 | G2 B2 c2 BA |
G2 D2 BAGF |1 G6 GF :|2 G8 |]

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