Scythe, Sword and Anchor

3PM Interior

Mark Fry (English concertina), Dick Wolff (melodeon) and Ian Wheeler (Anglo concertina) rehearsing at Sundial House, Littlemore, Jan 2015.

17 years after we released Plain English, and 12 years since we started working on it, our “difficult” third album is nearly ready. We spent 10 days in September 2016 finishing the recording, filling in the missing parts and replacing a few bits that weren’t quite up to scratch. Since Christmas, Dick (mostly) and Mark have been editing and mixing all the “takes” into coherent songs that (we hope) people will want to listen to.

We’ll be posting snippets from some of the songs here as they’re finished, and some of the artwork. To start with, here’s the picture of us that will be on the back cover of the album.


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