(Say You Love Me and) Hold Me Close

Here’s a weird little 5-time waltz for Christmas. The beat is 1-2, 1-2-3.

So far, I’ve only notated it in ABC, so paste the following into your favourite ABC app to see the dots or hear the tune. I use EasyABC by Nils Libeg (release 1.3.5)

Try this variation: play f-natural at the top of the run in bars 9 and 13. It may fool the melodeon players, if nothing else 😉

Dedicated to Carole O’Connor, who inspired it.

T:Hold Me Close
C:Mark Fry
|: D | DGG2G/2E/2 | DBB2A/2B/2 | cBAGF | AAD2D | DGG2G/2E/2 | DBB2A/2B/2 | cBAGF | AAG2:|
|: B | cdefe | ddB2B | cBAGA | Bcd2B | cdefe | ddB2B | cBAGF | AAG2:|

alternative B-section:

|: B | cde=fe | ddB2B | cBAGA | Bcd2B | cde=fe | ddB2B | cBAGF | AAG2:|

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