The Cherry Tree

Here’s another schottische named after a pub. In this case it’s The Cherry Tree in Steventon, Oxon. This was the home of the “mostly English” session, held on the 3rd Sunday of each month, from 2000 until 2017. However, when a new manager made the musicians feel unwanted they moved to The Plum Pudding in Milton, where they are made much more welcome.

I wrote this in 2013, it appears. Funny, I thought it was more recent than that! These days, Three Pressed Men usually follow this tune with The Nut Tree.

Click here for the PDF of the score: Cherry_Tree.

Here’s the ABC text for those who can use such things:

T:The Cherry Tree
Z:Mark Fry
Z:Copyright © 2013 Mark Fry
Z:All Rights Reserved
I:linebreak $
GABG D2 EF | GABc d4 | cdef g2 Bd | edcB AcBA | GABG D2 EF | GABc d4 | cdef g2 Bd | cBAF G4 ::
gagf d3 B | cdec d4 | cBAG AdcB | AGFE D4 | gagf d3 B | cdec d4 | cBAG AdcB | AGFA G4 😐


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