The Second Wave & Maudlin Bridge

Here are two slower tunes, of a slightly lugubrious nature, that might do well for step-hop dances.

The Second Wave was invented whilst on duty in Medstead & Four Marks and Ropley signalboxes, on the Watercress Line, 23rd & 26th Sept 2020.

Maudlin Bridge is a minor-key version of Plain English (which can be found on Three Pressed Men’s album of the same name). I’m very grateful to Corinne Henman for the idea – she sang a phrase of the tune in a minor key as we were walking over Magdalen Bridge in Oxford, one day in 2003. We were on our way to do some clothes shopping, which we both dislike. It’s an Oxford conceit to pronounce Magdalen “maudlin”.

Here are the scores in PDF format (click the links):



Here’s the ABC for both tunes:

T:The Second Wave
C:Mark Fry
H:Invented in Medstead & Four Marks and Ropley signalboxes, 23rd & 26th Sept 2020. Named 6/10/20
B4E4 | A2FED4 | G2FGA2GF | GABcA3B | c2e2A2Bc | B2d2G4 | cBAG F2BA |1 G2F2 EFGA :|2 E2F2GABc 
|: dedc B2AB | cdcB A2GA | BAGF E2FG | A2FE ^D2 B,2 | dcBA G2AB | cBAG A2D2 | EFGE FGAF |1 G2A2B2c2 :|2 E8 || 
T:Maudlin Bridge
C:Mark Fry
H:Minor version of Plain English. Inspired by Corinne Henman on a shopping trip to Oxford. 2003
GA |: B2E2 B2AG | ABcA F2GA | B2E2 B2AG | A2FE F2GA | B3E B2AG | ABcA F2GF | E2B2 AGFG |1 E6 Bc:|2 E6 ^DE 
|: F2B,B, F2E=D | EFGE F4 | GAB2 ^AB^c2 | ^d3 e d=cB=A | G2e2 =d2AG | ABcAB4 | E2B2 AGFG |1 E4 z2^DE :|2 E6||
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