Vol 09: Main Line 2002; Mid Hants 2002

Main Line Album 2002

This programme completes the back-log of digital footage (apart from last 2 months of 2000), and it was a vintage year. Star of the show, with nearly 28 minutes all to herself, is 35005 Canadian Pacific. We see her on Steam Dreams crew training specials at Easter and on a number of Cathedrals Express runs. The supporting cast includes 6024 King Edward I, three different Halls, Black 5 45407, 60009 Union of South Africa, 4472 Flying Scotsman and a rare appearance from B1 61264.

Full programme details

Mid Hants Album 2002

Loco Trials: 34016 Bodmin and 6024 King Edward I get to grips with 9 coach trains on the 1-in-60 gradients during the summer gala.

An Autumn Day on The Watercress Line: “Mickey Mouse” 2MT tank 41312 assists 35005 with the Green Train early one morning, and 34016 and 41312 run the normal service trains, including The Countryman. (Programme details)

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