3PM Gigs

Forthcoming and recent performances.

Some of our gigs are not public events, so just because there’s nothing listed, doesn’t mean we’re not up to something, somewhere.

A friend of the band brought her iPhone to our gig at Ipsden church on Sunday and has posted some video on YouTube. Thanks Millie!

Marrow Bones / The Railway

Just As The Tide Was Flowing

Warning: includes spoons playing and Max the bass concertina!

At long last, we’ve got our name on the back of a festival t-shirt. That’s another ambition achieved! It’s not on the top line, and not even one of the names in the largest type, but it’s a start. (read more…)

This is one of a monthly series of “Afternoon Tea Recitals” held in a pretty little church on the edge of the Chilterns. As the name suggests, tea is served afterwards. There’s only a limited number of seats in the side-chapel, but we’re told that you’ll hear perfectly well from the nave, even if you can’t see everything. (read more…)

We’re back for a third performance at this friendly venue with its excellent acoustic. As before, our advice is to book in advance and get there early. On both previous occasions the church was full, including the gallery! (read more…)

Three Pressed Men have been invited to take our music to the seaside in the first weekend of June. We’ll be playing on Saturday 3rd, in the afternoon for about 45-50 minutes. UPDATE: our slot starts at 3pm. How appropriate!

The festival takes place alongside the harbour in Weymouth, Dorset. Better yet, it’s free – though there will be lots of collecting pots around, so please give generously! (read more…)

Three Pressed Men will be performing a few songs during the interval of May’s Oxfolk Ceilidh. The dance band that night is Out of Hand, with caller Rhianwen Davies. (read more…)

Following our well-received performance in Blackwell’s bookshop at the 2016 festival, we’ve been invited to perform at the 2017 event. We will be performing at the Oxford Deaf & Hard of Hearing Centre in St Ebbe’s at 3:15pm on Sunday 23rd April – St George’s Day! (read more…)

Many thanks to everyone who turned up for Three Pressed Men’s gig at The White Hart in Wolvercote at the end of October. I (Mark) will be back there on Sun 27th Nov to do the interval spot for November’s White Hart Sounds.  (read more…)

The White Hart, Wolvercote is a community-run village pub with a great atmosphere and good beer. It’s a great venue for live music, too. It hosts a couple of acoustic evening “sessions”, the Oxford Jazz Kitchen and a regular concert spot, on the last Sunday of the month, under the title “White Hart Sounds”. Three Pressed Men are delighted to be performing there in October. (read more…)

Three Pressed Men is one of five bands appearing at this Festival’s Music Night on Saturday 18th June. Dick and I played there last year, with Felicity Cormack as Traction, and we had a great reception. The atmosphere was really exciting. The other bands on the bill were great too. (read more…)