Note About Recordable DVDs

I normally use DVD-R. These discs are compatible with about 85% of DVD players. (It’s mostly the older ones that cause problems.) I test all discs that I produce in a DVD player before despatch. If you find that one of my discs will not play in your DVD player, please return it within 28 days*; I can offer two alternatives:

  • the same programmes on a DVD+R disc;
  • a refund of your donation* and the price of the disc;

DVD+R discs are also compatible with about 85% of DVD players, but because the technology is slightly different they will often play in machines that reject DVD-R discs, and vice versa.

* Please note that I will forward all donations 28 days after posting your disc. Donations cannot be returned after that time.

This is not a commercial service and no guarantees express or implicit are offered.