How To Order

All programmes are available on DVD, and some on Blu-ray Disc.

The prices I quote are minimum prices. Steam Age retains £3 per DVD or £5 per Blu-ray Disc to cover material costs and P&P. The rest is a donation to the societies and charities we support, so if you send more than the minimum price, the donation increases.

You can either make out a cheque for the full amount to “Mark Fry” (indicating which of the groups, if any, you favour) or you can send separate cheques for the costs (payable to Mark Fry) and for the donation (payable to one of the following):

Mid-Hants Railway Preservation Society: cheque/PO payable to “MHRPS Ltd.”
Merchant Navy Locomotive Preservation Society: cheque/PO payable to “MNLPS Ltd”
Dean Forest Railway Preservation Society: cheque/PO payable to “Dean Forest Railway Preservation Society”
The Railway Children charity: cheque/PO payable to “Railway Children”

Minimum prices:

DVD             £10 each
Blu-ray Disc £15 each

Ordering Programmes on DVD or Blu-ray Disc:

Please send cheque(s) as described above (in Sterling drawn on a UK bank) with a clear list of the Volumes and the format (DVD or Blu-ray Disc) that you want, to this address:

Steam Age Pictures
40 St Giles

NB: Don’t forget to include your name and address, so that I can send you the programmes, and a phone number or e-mail address, so that I can contact you if necessary.

Ordering Programmes on Tape

I can probably still produce tapes, VHS or Super-VHS, by special arrangement, though my VCR is getting a little long in the tooth. More than one volume can be recorded onto a single tape, if you supply a suitable tape. Please get in touch by post or e-mail first so that we can agree the details in advance.