Useful Links

Here are some links to web sites that I find particularly useful. I make no warranties about the contents, but I’ve not been disappointed so far…


Mid-Hants Railway Preservation Society
Eastleigh Railway Preservation Society (Facebook)
Merchant Navy Locomotive Preservation Society
UK Heritage Railways
Severn Valley Railway
UK Steam Info – Archive of mainline tour information up to 2018
National Preservation – discussion forum for all things to do with railway preservation – not just in Britain, either.

Video and DVDs

DV Info – lots of useful discussion about cameras, microphones, tape, tripods, technology.
VideoHelp – everything you could possibly want to know about DVDs and digital video
Scenalyzer – excellent and cheap video capture and scene detection software (standard definition only)
YouTube – Free video hosting on the web. Have a look for videos posted by SteamAgePictures

Pinnacle Liquid Edition, and its successor Avid Liquid, are very powerful and can be a joy to use, but very demanding of the host PC. It can be difficult to get them working correctly. These discussion boards, run by users for users, were invaluable to me when I first started using this mercurial software, especially since Avid halted all further development (in 2010) and sold the Pinnacle applications to Corel (in 2012).

If you are not a computer specialist (and even if you are) it’s great to have a PC built and supported by people who are both computer experts and video experts. For this reason, I bought my last machine from these people: DVC (David Vincent Clark Ltd) near Brighton. They no longer sell complete systems but now offer training.