Three Pressed Men on Video

Three Pressed Men have not been caught on camera very often, but here is a list of the recordings that we know about:

The Child Grove set – YouTube. The 3rd and final video recorded chez Dick on 26th April 2021, published 15th June.

The Song Goes On – YouTube. Recorded by us in Dick’s garden on 26th April at the same time as The Sweetness Of Mary and published on 17th May 2021

The Sweetness Of Mary – YouTube. Recorded by us in Dick’s garden on 26th April 2021 in response to that week’s Tunesday Tuesdays selection (a Facebook group where members record videos of themselves playing this week’s tune).

25th Anniversary Playlist – YouTube. A selection of old and new material, mostly recorded on the evening of 4th August 2020, 25 years to the day since our first performance in Challow. The playlist includes:

  • The Cotillion Set – The Sussex Cotillion (also known as the Chain Cotillion) from the Bosham Band’s tune-book, and Mount Hills from Playford’s Dancing Master (11th edition, 1701).
  • The Half Century Set – comprising The Half Century by Mark Fry, Not A Natural Dancer by Jessica Marshall and Rusty Gully, a traditional tune from North East England.
  • Eynsham Poachers / The Queen’s Delight – a song from Alfred Williams’s collection Folk Songs Of The Upper Thames and a morris tune from Bucknell in Oxfordshire.
  • Jolly Jack of Dover – from Gower’s Patriotic Songster (1793), a confused and confusing song about a blustering “patriotic” xenophobe rescuing penniless refugees from post-revolution France.
  • Marrowbones/ The Railway – a humourous song of infidelity
  • Polly Vaughn / Lord Randall – two songs of death by unnatural causes. It was starting to get dark by this time…
  • All Of A Row – a harvest song from South West England.
  • The Not For Joe set – A favourite set from the earliest days of 3PM: Not for Joe, Portsmouth & Stop The Cavalry.

Concert in Ipsden church – YouTube. A friend of the band brought her iPhone to our performance in Ipsden church on Sunday 14th May 2017 and posted some video on YouTube.

John Barleycorn – YouTube. The first track on our album, Scythe, Sword & Anchor, set to a number of still images culled from the Internet. Published 29th March 2017.